新太阳集团娱乐app的高中部门支持不同的学习者群体, applying mainstream education practices that promote the support of neurodiverse learners inspired by the educational pedagogy principles of 通用学习设计 (UDL), a framework that is widely supported by local and federal public policy across and applied in 通识教育特殊教育设置新太阳集团app后教育, with the same goal in mind: To intention所有y design engagement opportunities that offer accessible learning to 所有 learners. UDL educators proactively design teaching methodology and assessment practices to 庆祝学术卓越 through multiple forms. 

Grace Church School 高新太阳集团app习支持 programming is inextricably tied to and extends to our institutional-wide commitment to 公平与包容, naming and acknowledging that each learner is a kaleidoscope of both advantaged and disadvantaged identities that can directly or indirectly influence access to equitable programming. 包容性的学生支持通过我们课程的几个关键特征来解决:


  • 参与和评估的多模式手段

    教师努力为学生提供多种学习内容和练习技能的方法, activating multiple sensory modes to maximize accessibility for a wide range of learning styles. 学习包括评估和反馈的迭代过程, 让学生在学习和表达的过程中成长. 评估指的是给作业评分或学生获得反馈的机会, 培养学生的理解力, 合成, 以及技能和知识的应用. 这样的评估范围从项目, 演讲, 论文, 家庭作业, 小测验, 和测试, 即提倡多感官手段,让学生表现自己的知识和能力 庆祝学术卓越.
  • 支持有学习障碍的学生

    一些学生有学习障碍的记录,比如 部分504年代, 等电位点, IESPs, or a history of school-based and standardized testing accommodations provide documentation to the Office of 高新太阳集团app习支持, 经办人:博士. 凯瑟琳张(kcheung@cddvd-duplicators.com). 然后总结建议并通过格雷斯网传播, 只有学生的院长才能访问, 顾问, 以及教师遵循的专业保密标准. This documentation serves several purposes: To provide the student with the insight to empower themselves in developing skills for independent learning and leading conversations to shape their identity as learners; To 所有ow teachers the benefit of individualized insights to inform and contribute to productive relationships with a student; To function所有y serve as documentation necessary to apply for accommodations standardized testing. (注:此过程由学院办公室协助. 决策由测试组织独立地呈现.)
  • 扩展时间等价实践

    Our student body includes a significant portion of individuals who possess documentation that recommends extra time for assessments in standardized educational settings. We do not follow a standardized classification approach to learning because it is problematic on numerous levels from an equity perspective. 第一个, it requires that 学生 self-identify or make alternate arrangements outside of standard testing procedures, introducing counterproductive barriers such as stigmatization or sacrificing class instruction time or enrichment opportunities. 第二个, it contradicts the current neuroscience framework that recognizes cognitive speed as distinct from cognitive ability and intelligence.

    作为一所独立学校, Grace Church School educators have the privilege of proactively designing assessments that focus on assessing depth of knowledge comprehension instead of on speeded performance. 因此,教师设计和管理的评估内在地嵌入1.5倍的延长时间等效练习,并提供给所有学生, 无论官方文件状态如何.

    这些包容性做法解决了以下需求 所有 学生在以下方面:
    1. 有文件的学生: 学生不必另行安排, 或采取单独的步骤通知或要求额外的时间. 对于这些学生, their formal timing needs have already been taken into consideration when the teacher initi所有y designed the assessment. 

    2. 对于没有证件的学生: 获取文档的障碍包括 费用 神经心理学评估, 与教育部官僚主义复杂的谈判, 或者害怕被污名化或被“跟踪”.“在标准化的教育环境中, this prevents many 学生 from receiving quality education or assessment practices that honors the neurodiversity of 所有 学生. 嵌入式延长时间的实践允许所有学生的包容性支持, 无论文化背景如何, 学习态度, 或者社会经济地位. (注意: 研究 on assessment practices conclude that 学生 who would not otherwise meet criteria for accommodations on standardized educational assessments are not advantaged relative to those who would otherwise qualify for documentation).

  • 获得额外的学术支持

    数学 & Science and Writing Centers are staffed with skilled subject specialists who extend and deepen learning, assisting 学生 with developing their subject understanding outside of a classroom setting. Addition所有y there is an informal “Homework Center” after school for 学生 who benefit from structured settings to successfully follow through with independent work and learning. Grace Church School also provides in-house standardized testing prep through our College Office, 所有学生都参与并有机会使用的课程.
  • 指导团队

    我们的指导小组由管理人员组成, 学校辅导员, 学校护士, 高新太阳集团app生支持主任, to support 学生 in extraordinary circumstances when a student’s needs exceed that which can be met through general practices. 在这些情况下, the Guidance team may make additional recommendations in collaboration with the academic team, 学生, 和家庭.
  • 课程注意事项

    世界语言要求: Grace Church School 高中’s graduation requirements include 3 full years of World Language Sequence in Spanish, 法国, 或者普通话,因此, 我们不允许语言豁免. 然而, the Language Department and the Guidance team may recommend that a student take a language course for Credit/No Credit for their third consecutive year of language study. Students may also make a formal application to the Guidance team and Language Department to be considered.

    减少课程负担. There are occasions when a student needs to have a reduced course load because of a special short-term issue or circumstance. The Dean or Advisor petitions the Guidance Committee for the load reduction and with the Guidance Committee develops a plan, 其中可能包括与其他认可机构的暑期工作, 让学生补上缺的学分. 在任何情况下,学校都不会减少毕业所需的总学分.
新太阳集团娱乐app是曼哈顿市中心的一所男女同校的独立学校, New York City providing instruction for nearly 800 学生 in Junior Kindergarten through Grade 12.